Dr. Ledoux Critter Splitter Series - Blind Box

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Dr. Ledoux's Critter Splitter Series
Create your own Critter!
The first fully interchangeable blind box toy from Kidrobot, Dr. LeDoux's Critter Splitters feature 15 different critters (and varying cloth accessories - pillows, shirts, hats, socks, and more) ready to painlessly swap heads, torsos, legs, and everything else!
In a small and distant universe, meet Dr. LeDoux, Otto, Garth, Eedleedleedle, and all the rest as they use the Critter Splitter to get over their petty quarreling about limited space. Slowly, but surely, after changing parts here and there, they'll come to see how their friends and neighbors feel and have tons of head trading fun on the way!
These little critters can be mixed and matched to come up with bizarre creations and super cute combinations. From the mind of the former art director of Sub Pop Records and the brains behind LeDouxville, Jesse LeDoux's new blind box toy is sure to win your heart.
This item is Blind Box Assortment.

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