Kozik - Chumps Mini Series - Blind Box

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Kozik's Chumps Mini Series
Criminals of the world UNITE . . . under Kozik`s rule.
These 2- to 3-Inch robber barons, burglars, thugs and everyday con artists of the vinyl syndicate have gotten themselves caught!
Each of the 13 blind box Chumps comes in two versions: jail-bait street clothes or jail-bird stripes (with ball and chain, of course).
Some of the Chumps crime family have articulated heads and arms to spot and take opportunities; some Chumps have accessories for those sticky fingers or to make the resulting hard time pass.
With 26 brand new designs from Frank Kozik, see if you`ve been busted or are lucky enough to beat the rap.

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  • Manufactured by: Kozik