Giant Robot - Issue #64

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This issue features Huke, creator of indie character Black Rock Shooter, Wonder Con and Comic Market scene reports, including tons of cosplay and some perversion, too, Director of The Cove, Louie Psyhoyos, Daniel Wu vs. HK star/SFX makeup artist Andrew Lin, Art rock from Beijing's Carsick Cars, Contemporary Chinese Art mutant Hung Liu, Yellow fellow fever, Black Asians, Aska on The Moonrats, The Sads, LA Ladies Choir, and solo work, +/- {Plus/Minus} go to Manila, David Choe does Vegas, Saelee Oh goes to the cradle of Kona coffee, Skater Jason Wakuzawa, shooter Mikendo, Markisa wallets, and P-Rod, Flipbook featuring Ely Kim of Boombox fame, Tons of reviews, tidbits, comics, and more!
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