How to Draw Uglydoll (kit)

How to Draw Uglydoll (kit)


Watch out, art world, the Uglydolls are on a mission.

Yes, that’s right, a mission—the kind where somebody could get hurt.
(Not really, but that made it sound important.)

Their mission? To teach the world how to make uglier drawings.
Wannabe artists can start off on the right foot by following the simple step-by-step examples. Or they can scrap the steps and just draw the Uglydolls their own way. (There is no “wrong foot”; all feet are ugly!)

They can even read the book, look at the ugly pictures, and give the Uglydolls some treats. Sweet! See? It works out for everybody.

Ugly is a beautiful thing.

Hardcover 8.375" x 9.75" x 1.875" kit

Includes 32-page paperback book, 5 jumbo markers, 4 Uglydoll pencil-top erasers, 4 double-sided colored pencils, drawing pencil, sharpener, drawing pad, and stickers.

Awards: Creative Child Magazine Preferred Choice

By Walter Foster Publishing, Inc.
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