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The long awaited "Issue 16" sees Super7 transition from a quarterly magazine to a regularly published book instead. At 280 pages, Super7 the Book is a massive tome on the history of Japanese toys, as well as the new crossover kaiju boom. With long form photo essays on the original Marusan and Bullmark Toho (Godzilla) series figures from 1966-1974, Nakajima's highly influential yet obscure Astro-Mu Five, the founder of the fight figure format, Tokyo's Secret Base, and fan favorite RealxHead, as well as collector spotlights, interviews with Neighborhood's Shinsuke Takizawa, artwork from classic packaging and header cards, as well as articles, checklists, interviews and in-depth analysis of the toy scene as a whole, no one covers toys quite like Super7. Foil-stamped, slipcased and printed with high-gloss varnishes, Super7 the Book sets the bar for all other toy books to live up to -if they can.
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