House of of Liu Contemporary Blindbox

House of of Liu Contemporary Blindbox


Long before the attack on the House of Liu by the Qing soldiers, Di Di and Mei Mei were playful little kids. We decided to remix them in a more contemporary style. Kawaii! 


Each House of of Liu Contemporary figure is about 3 inches tall and comes in a fresh new look. There are 8 different designs with 2 secret chase variations. Produced by Crazylabel and designed by Veggiesomething, these mini vinyl figures will add some extra joy and happiness to your life.


Each display case consists of the following:

  • Blue Baby Di Di
  • Blue Baby Mei Mei
  • Green Baby Di Di
  • Green Baby Mei Mei
  • Pink Baby Di Di
  • Pink Baby Mei Mei
  • Purple Baby Di Di -or- Pirate Baby Di Di
  • Purple Baby Mei Mei -or- Pirate Baby Mei Mei
  • Shipping Weight: 0.5lbs

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